Testimony of Sister Deborah Walker.

On the August 21, 2014 I hurt my back and could only lie down or walk a little bit but was unable to sit at all.

I decided to go to church regardless and my family put a mattress in the van to take with us so I could lie on the floor at the back of the church.

I was able to sit in the front seat with it laid right back and pillows supporting me.

At church I had to use chairs to support myself to get on the floor to lay on the mattress.

I felt foolish but tried to ignore this as I had really wanted to be in church.

During the song service, something said to me to stand up. I didn’t. Then it said, “You have to do

something.”  I still ignored it.

When the pastor got up and prayed, a voice spoke to me. Interestingly it was the voice of God’s prophet William Branham and it said, “if I were you I’d get up off that bed.”

I got up and stood for the prayer. When everyone sat down I also sat down – carefully but I

only had a little discomfort. With a cushion I was able to sit through the entire church service and went home and was completely healed in two days.

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Sister Deborah Walker

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