Live Stream

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Since we can now meet together we will be stopping our live streaming, the hall in which we will be meeting doesn't support a fast enough internet connection which means live streaming isn't possible, we will still be recording the sermons and we will upload them to the sermons page later on in the day.

Stream not starting?

There is a slight delay from the time the stream is started, once the timer has counted down it should be no more than 30-40 secs and the stream should automatically start. If for some reason it doesn't start and continues to display the message 'This event has not started yet' try the following;

  1. Reload/refresh the page - use the refresh button or simply leave the page by going to another page and then returning.
  2. Press the pause/play button

Poor video quality?

If the picture quality is poor, check the resolutions setting (gear icon) its best kept on auto as it will provide the best quality based on your internet speeds.

To help ensure you get the best quality picture possible it is recommend that the only device connected to your WiFi/internet is the one you intend on using to stream.

Poor sound quality?

In most cases there should be no issues with the sound, if you cannot hear anything please check your volume setting and make sure you haven't muted by mistake, if its not working on our end we should know straight away and will having it working as quickly as possible.