Dying dog healed.

On the 15th of September 2014 our Siberian Husky, Keizar was paralysed, unable to move, and had extremely poor breathing. We were not aware of ticks on our property but realised the symptoms were from a tick.

We searched for the tick throughout the day and it was only with prayer we came across it stuck deep in his neck under all his fur. We knew that everything was going to be okay and our faith was with the Lord Jesus in healing our dog.

Around lunch Keizer stopped breathing and was gasping for oxygen and we began praying, Keizer gained his breathing again.

We took Keizar to the Emergency vet and were taken into a room where the vet explained Keizar had advanced tick paralysis grade 5 and it is one of the worst cases they had seen. He was put straight onto oxygen. The vet said it was $1500-$3000 for the 1st night stay and because his case was so advanced we would be paying up to $3000 per night for his treatment (1 week minimum) to keep him alive as he was likely to need ventilation oxygen etc. Even after the treatment he could die.

I told the vet that we were Christians and that we had faith he was going to be okay and pull through. We didn’t have the money to keep him in for that long and wished to take him home the next morning. The vet became very upset at this remark and said, ‘ We have Christians work here but we just don’t roll like that,’ saying that we don’t understand how severe his case was and that he would not be discharged to us if he was still oxygen dependant.

She said the best thing to do for Keizar was to put him down unless we could make a down payment and commit to his ongoing treatment. I explained to her that he was going to be okay we had seen miracles before and our faith was that God would heal him. She was not happy and went out of the room and said what we were doing was cruel and he needed to be put down if we couldn’t make a down payment for further treatment. She then asked me to sign for finance as she wanted him in for at least another week at up to $3000 per night.

I prayed to the Lord to help us stand strong and to believe that he was the Healer and Keizar was going to be healed. We agreed to leave Keizer overnight and returned the next morning. We were addressed by another nurse on arrival who assumed we had taken the finance for his further stay. I said, “No we are going to take him home.” The vet was very shocked and explained to me his poor condition and that he was still hooked up to oxygen and would die if we took him as he was still oxygen dependent.

I said, “We are Christians and we have faith we will walk him back in here.” She became teary and upset and said we were cruel for he would die a suffering death and she would send the RSPCA out and they would put him down if we took him.  She also said and that we could not blame this on the hospital when he died. We stood strong and knew God had it all under control and signed a form saying we were taking him against the vet’s advice. The nurses brought him to the car with his oxygen tubes still in his nose and one of the nurses started crying.

It was an emotional drive home and our faith was tested as his breathing became more and more laboured but we knew our God had already confirmed his healing. Mum decided to make a turn for our pastor’s house as he was dying. Brother Gary prayed a simple prayer, as God’s prophet, William Branham had reminded us that the scriptures teach us that this gospel (which is the power and demonstration of the living God) was to be preached; demonstrated to every creature – dogs included.

He layed his hands on Keizar and quoted Mark 16, that they shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover. Sis Deb gave Keizar a few drops of Iodine on his tongue and we left. A few seconds after leaving, Keizer urinated and did a large bowel motion in the back of the car which made us scream, “Praise the Lord!” as he had not done this since he had been paralysed. That night at home I continued in prayer and woke to Keizer who had crawling into my room and slept by me.

The next morning Keizer ate and drank a small amount. He was crawling all around my house as well. Wednesday night , one night after coming out of hospital Keizer was able to stand with assistance and walk slowly with my hand supporting him and eventually he was able to walk a little by himself.

Thursday morning Keizer was walking around himself drinking, eating, urinating etc. His old owner flew over from Melbourne to ‘farewell’ Keizer as we phoned him once being told by the vet he was dying. Keizer was able to run to him before he left. We thank the Lord for Keizars healing.

Two nights after being told he was going to die a suffering death Keizer was able to walk around his house and eat and drink. A week later Keizar was running around. I walked Keizer back into the vet 2 weeks later and ran him back to the car. We thank our precious Lord Jesus for the healing of our boy and know that it was only God who gave us the faith and strength to bring him home and trust that he would be healed.

The temptation was there to put him down as we were told over and over that we were cruel if we took him and that he would die a suffering death, but God pulled us through. The funny thing was we had never dealt with ticks before and did everything you are NOT meant to do before admitting him to hospital. We had given him a bowl of food, milk, water etc.

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